Aroha Pebble Set

Each disc is approximatley Size 70mm diameter by about 20mm deep. The discs may be slightly uneven in shape due to it being entirely handmade. The total length of the piece will depend on how you space each disc tile on your wall.

Monster Ceramics

“Our goal is to provide ceramic treasures that hand over positive affirmations, confident expressions of what is important or just because they make you feel wonderful every time you see them”

The Monster Company is a creative collaborative between Hayley Hamilton, Karla Stevenson and Craig Hamilton. Based in Raglan, New Zealand. “We formed this partnership so we could work in a shared space, bringing together ideas that can ultimately pay the bills, feed our families and lets us be as creative as we can be. We support each other with our skills, and like a three legged stool without each other we would topple over.”