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Muslin Wrap - Black & White

In their classic Black and White colourway, featuring a pattern of NZ maps, lil hearts, kisses and clouds - this design makes it a great unisex gift! This luxurious muslin wrap is made from 100% cotton. It’s super soft, lightweight and breathable allowing airflow to ensure ultimate comfort. This versatile wrap can be used as a play mat, pram cover, burp cloth, nursing cover and much much more! 

Measurements: 120 x 120 cm

Materials: 100% cotton, double layer

Product Specifics: From NZ With Love products carry a personal touch and each one is packed by hand here in Aotearoa. The range is all designed in NZ, and is made overseas using high quality fabrics.


From NZ With Love

The team at ‘From NZ With Love’ take inspiration from Aotearoa’s distinct and unique culture, to create modern and thoughtful NZ themed kids' wares. Each product is designed and created with care, and packaged beautifully - making the perfect gift or personal memento from a Kiwi holiday. The woman behind the brand, Marjorie has lived abroad for nearly twenty years and over the years was gifted Kiwi themed clothing for her daughter, which she loved dressing her up in. This sparked the idea of starting her own company once she came back to Aotearoa. ‘From NZ’ is a small family-run business that is owned and operated right here, and Marjorie’s aim is always to reflect our unique Kiwi culture and to offer thoughtful, fun and stylish gifts for her customers.