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"Blue HQ" Mini Blockmount - Hamish Allan

Image Vault have been working in the art industry for over 70 years, using their knowledge of fine art to produce high quality art prints. Based in Christchurch - their products are manufactured on site by an experienced team, and as a proud Kiwi business they publish a variety of local artists. Each piece is printed from high quality digital files taken from the original work, and using a wide variety of media, they tailor their process to each style of artwork - creating a high quality piece that is UV safe and has a long lasting laminate finish. 

Laminate finish paper print mounted on a wooden box frame. 
Measurements: 21 x 10 cm 

This print features a classic Holden HQ car. One of the rooms inside the building has a very well known Don Binney print “Pacific Frigate Bird” hanging on the wall. The hill with the transmission tower in the background is one of many hills named “Sugar Loaf” around NZ, this one is part of the Port Hills between Lyttleton and Christchurch.

Hamish Allan 

Hamish Allan is based in Christchurch, where he works from home and lives with his partner and their two children. His art career began in 1999, where he initially worked on sculpture, and then drawing and painting. His works are characterised by a clean, precise look - depicting stylised New Zealand landscapes and often incorporating distinctive kiwiana symbols. Hamish’s works have a feeling of space and sense of calm, creating stripped back imagery that hold a sense of seamlessness and a rewarding visual experience.