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Matted Print - 'The Lighthouse' - Brenda Knight

Image Vault have been working in the art industry for over 70 years, using their knowledge of fine art to produce high quality art prints. Based in Christchurch - their products are manufactured on site by an experienced team, and as a proud Kiwi business they publish a variety of local artists. Each piece is printed from high quality digital files taken from the original work, and using a wide variety of media, they tailor their process to each style of artwork.


Mini Print with white Mat board 
Measurements: full size - 35 x 27.5 cm, print - 18 x 25.5 cm


Brenda Knight

Brenda discovered her previously unknown talent as an artist after finishing her career as a Police Detective. An intuitive artist, Brenda's works are free formed using paint, canvas, brushes and even her fingers. She discovered her knack for painting after creating her own pieces for a newly renovated home after struggling to find something she liked. Brenda believes that the energy she puts into each of her artworks is felt when people view them. She is also interested in the positive impact beautiful art and public spaces can have on our mental and emotional well-being as well as on our communities too.