Mandala Necklace - Inspiration

May you always find inspiration wearing this beautiful double-sided Mandala necklace.

Much like a spark of inspiration, this mandala is centred with a single point (the spark), before it ripples outward in a series of star-like designs.

Sterling Silver double-sided Mandala 15 x 21mm 

Adjustable 41-46cm sterling silver chain

Pam Kerr discovered a passion for jewellery making during her life changing journey to Africa. Inspired by the beauty and colours of her chosen material, Pam Kerr continues to create a range of simple yet elegant pieces from her studio in Christchurch. It all started long ago with a life changing journey across Africa, where Pam discovered many different forms of jewellery. With a bag full of beads and dreams, Pam returned to her native New Zealand, and embarked on a new journey following her creative instincts. 
Pam is inspired by the beauty and colours of the materials that she sources locally  and globally.  "Some materials capture my imagination and evokes a feeling, the designs seem to flow through my hands with a life of their own".