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"Lean Into It" A2 Framed Print - CLICK & COLLECT ONLY Angie Dennis

A beautifully detailed Ruru perches on a crisp white windowsill leading our eyes out onto an idyllic Piha landscape. What stories can you see? 

Angie is a highly respected New Zealand artist who has developed one of the most recognizable styles in contemporary New Zealand applied art. Lean Into It is a highly detailed painting completed as part of Angie's 2021 range and released as part of our annual exclusive early release with this incredibly talented woman. We invite you to look over this stunning range, celebrate the details and create your own stories.

"All too often, we push negative feelings to one side or deep down for fear of upsetting people around us – well, that was me! Lean into It is  about looking at those feelings or problems, recognizing them, leaning into them with kindness to yourself, and then when you are ready, letting it go. The wise old owl is leaning into the comfort of the cushions draped with hibiscus flowers which symbolize compassion and kindness. The window is left open with the ocean in the background allowing you to let go when you are ready." - Angie Dennis, 2021.

We have watched Angie grow in confidence and skill over the passed decade, she is a treasured part of the Creative & Brave family of artists. Angie is an artist who explores her thoughts directly onto canvas, discussions at home or with friends are transformed into symbols and characters which then play out narratives in her compositions. The Fantail assuming a very important role as her personal story teller. We like to think of Angie’s works as visual productions, each component be it a rose or a highly detailed vessel is part of a greater story for us to explore. Even the labored hand painted brocade sets the tone of the picture which is that every inch is considered and deliberate.

Angie likens her works to open conversations and invites us to take part. We love this generosity of spirit and are in awe of her ability to capture our imaginations with each brushstroke. 

Media: Fine Art Print Signed by Angie Dennis, 100% archival cotton paper, UV Fast 

Print Size: A2 (420 x 594 mm)

Framed: A2 (770 x 600 mm)