LARGE PLATE, Te Kopara Topa, SH

The Te Kopara Topa collection is based on an original (2400mm x1200mm acrylic, wood stain, foil, lacquer, metallic & wax on hoop pine plywood) painting titled Te Kopara Topa Kowhai. This plate is 21cmx2.3cm.

“te kopara topa (the bellbird soars)
she is beautiful, understated and elegant
she is graceful, respectful and intelligent
above me she flies
above me she soars
she dances across the harekeke
she dances across my soul”

There are three pieces of bone china in the Te Kopara Collection collection. Bone China is a very fine china that is made translucent due to a percentage of bone ash mixed in with the clay. It is an extremely light and beautiful material which allows light to shine.