Classic Pohutukawa Hot/Cold Pack

"Keep WARM, or CHILL those bumps and bruises. these Hot'n'Cold Buddies are the perfect buddy to keep around for times of aches and/ or pains. Our latest sheep design is the perfect buddy who will be here for you no matter what! Just like a Hot Water Bottle or Wheat Bag- but not. These Hot'n'Cold Buddies are filled with Silicone Beads, either stick them in the microwave for 1 minute of pop them in the Freezer. As they are filled with Silcone Beads, these Hot'n'Cold buddies will last you for years and won't become smelly like wheat bags. Cover is Hand Washable

Hot'n'Cold Dimensions: New Round Cover- 180 mm x 180 mm x 30 mm plus ears and feet, with Packaging: 173 mm x 260 mm. Hot'n'Cold Buddy Cover is Polyester. Hot'n'Cold Insert contains Silicon Beads. Full heating or freezing instructions are included with the Hot'n'Cold Buddy (as well as the packaging).