A gorgeous and vibrant piece of sunshine for your home ! This amazingly bright sunshiniest yellow heart is imprinted with wallpaper, washed with the brightest of bright orange and red, finished with a white tablet and a classic font. It is a simple and wonderful ethos to live by "SHINE" wherever you may be ! Our SHINE heart would make a stunning and original present for so many occasions.It will brighten anyone's day, the perfect gift of sunshine and who doesn't need a bit more of that in their lives ?! All of our work is handmade ,so each piece is unique.

Measurements: 160x160mm and about 60mm in depth. It sits flat on the wall, strung on the back with wire. 

For every piece in the Monster Company collection an idea became a drawing which in turn became a design which was then made and glazed by us. We want to capture a time, a place or a feeling that we hope you or someone special to you can enjoy for ever and ever. Our goal is to provide ceramic treasures that hand over positive affirmations, confident expressions of what is important or just because they make you feel wonderful every time you see them We make ,glaze and fire all our pieces in our open studio in Raglan, New Zealand.