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"Golden Narpickle" Enamel Pin - Malangeo

Thar she Blows! The magnificent Golden Narpickle of the deep breaches the surface in all it's grumpy glory! Up your pin game with this special edition golden deep sea sandwich beast! Only 100 will ever be made!

This is a soft enamel pin on a gold metal base and is roughly 5cm tall. Comes equipped with double clutches on the back, super fun backing card.



Michael Kennedy (aka Malangeo) is an Auckland-based artist and illustrator. He is known for his eccentric birbs, and creepy, yet also cute, wee critters! He uses traditional oil painting techniques, digital illustration and contemporary pop surreal style. Brought up on the irreverent humour of cartoons and comics like The Farside and Calvin & Hobbes; his art oozes whimsical charm, dark humour and pop culture references.