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"Norfolk Hill" Small Framed Print - Barry Ross Smith

"A small island covered with clean, manicured houses and sections.. there is a journey to be had if you climb the stairs from the beach and make your way up to the top, perhaps pausing to enjoy the view along the way. From up there the air is fresher and you can see beyond the ocean deep."

Glass frame with cord in back for hanging. 

Measurements: 335 x 335 x 20mm

Barry Ross Smith

Barry Ross Smith is a lover of New Zealand wildlife and an incredibly talented artist. He spends most of his days in a small room with his music playing and a pencil or a brush in hand - scribbling out ideas in charcoal and paint. Barry is involved in Pest Free NZ and his art reflects many important ideas like conservation, the rising waters and habitat destruction. All of our pieces are printed, matted and framed courtesy of the artist himself. This means our range of Barry Ross prints and framed artworks are of the highest quality and reproduced to the artists own meticulous standards