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Tapered Enamel Jug - Mt Cook

This enamel jug is a great size, can be used as a jug, or even a vase. With the tapered shape, and curved spout at the top it makes for a statement silhoutette, and the large curved handle makes it comfy to hold too.  Featuring a classic Mo Road design, The Mt Cook Camping Ground, complete with a caravan ! 


Measurements: height - 19 cm, base diameter - 11.5 cm,  handle (tapered shape) - 12 cm long 


Moana Road Arts 

Paul Ballentyne is the eternally positive character behind Moana Rd. A company he started in 2008 in order to produce prints of his photography which he gathered during his photographic journeys around New Zealand. Paul's photography was printed overseas where he had access to a world of creative framing options as well as ways in which his photography could be converted into artistic and usable products. From there he launched into the New Zealand giftware scene with his fun, affordable and often nostalgia inspired products. From hot pink 'old school' satchels through to trendy sunnies Paul and his team have got 'kiwiana design meets function' on point.