Manuka Garnet Seed Earrings

Beautiful hand crafted earrings inspired by the native Manuka.  A favourite of bees, Manuka is used to for honey, favoured for its flavour and medicinal properties these natives can be found particularly on the east coast of both the North and South Islands. 

Carefully crafted from Sterling Silver and featuring a red garnet set at the heart of the 8mm seed. Sterling Silver hooks. 

Martyn Milligan

Martyn has a small independent jewellery workshop situated on the slopes of Mt Rinopai, Golden Bay, near the North Western tip of the South Island of New Zealand. Designer and principal maker, Martyn Milligan has been making jewellery items for over twenty years. "I try to make pieces that reflect what I am interested in. I love living at Parapara , on the edge of the Kahurangi national park. For twenty five years my jewellery making and daily interaction with the bush surrounds have been closely linked. It is really natural for me to make flowers. I never planned it that way but I just enjoyed the process even when challenging and so over the years I have really become a florist of sorts. I like my pieces to feel like they come from our place in the world, and enjoy the interaction my pieces have with my interests. I feel lucky to have developed a style of work which closely matches my experience of living here at Parapara."