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Moon Disc Earrings

Hand crafted from sterling silver, these bold earrings are inspired by the moon.

Hand cut sterling silver discs, drilled and threaded onto long earrings hooks - the disc has a movement when worn as it is threaded onto the sem of the earring

The earrings have a length of 45mm, the disc has a diameter of 15mm. 


Love Winter by Delwynne Winter

Love Winter is a boutique jewellery brand, based on the North Shore of Auckland. Established from a personal desire for unique pieces for everyday wear; Delwynne initially set up a studio at home. Love Winter is a proudly female run business - Del does everything from admin to the actual jewellery making - “The bulk of my day is in my studio, at my bench - carving, sanding, soldering, and polishing”. Constantly creative, from sewing to calligraphy and graphics - it wasn’t until forty that Del found the passion that fit best! Now, five years on, Love Winter has moved into a shared maker space and showroom in Northcote, where every piece is handcrafted.