Eco Glass Earrings, Hydrangea

These sweet little pale blue earrings are inspired by the distinctive blue Hydrangea flower which grows abundantly throughout New Zealand.The petals are cut from a recycled Bombay Sapphire gin bottle and shaped in a kiln, which also strengthens the glass. Add to that recycled sterling silver one piece hooks with rubber stoppers for extra security and you have one of our most popular earring designs.It's hard to imagine these lovely little flower earrings started life as a gin and tonic on a hot summers day!DetailsEarring Dimensions:Length: 25mm (0.98in).Flower diameter: 18mm (0.7in).


Nick Feint

All my jewellery is designed and manufactured in my workshop by myself or my employee. I use only New Zealand sourced Jade and also Paua and Beachstones in my designs, as well as copper and Sterling Silver. My designs have a very NZ/Pacific flavour and "you can never have too many spirals" is my motto.