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Buttercup Earrings - Sterling Silver

Recycled Sterling Silver earrings with a one piece recycled Sterling Silver hook.  

Based on the New Zealand native MakoMako flower.  The petal moves freely on the hook with the silver stamen peeking underneath.   

The Makomako (Wineberry) is a small fast growing tree or shrub that grows throughout New Zealand.  

The Makomako plant was used in a variety of ways by both Maori and Europeans.  It was used as a salve for wounds, as a dye, as food and a sweet juice and the shoots were burnt into charcoal for making gunpowder!

Hook length at front: 30mm (0.2 in), Flower Diameter: 12mm (0.5 in).

All Stone Arrow silver and copper is 100% recycled. 

Nick Feint is an artist committed to sustainability in business and every day life and has received awards for his conscious efforts to run a successful business model with a strong ethos to reuse and recycle. 

Based in the remote Golden Bay area of Nelson he is surrounded by national parks and lakes. The incredible beauty of this location has a deep impact on Nick's practice conceptually and can been seen in his delicate replications of native flora and fauna. It also provides constant motivation for him to honor the environment by creating jewellery in a way that celebrates the land without destroying it.