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Petite Disc Studs, Silver

Eye catching disc earrings, creatively textured in sterling silver with an imprinted texture. Finished with sterling silver posts.

The small round shaped disc is one of the best ways to bring attention to the materiality of Tania’s chosen metals. Its surface can be manipulated in endless textures which play with the light and catch the eye.

The disc shape is incredibly wearable due to the softly rounded off edges and petite size.

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver. The alloy composition results in a metal that is very durable and long lasting. Sterling silver is easily polished using a polishing cloth. Tania Mallow jewellery is certified sterling silver.

Material: Sterling silver

Disc's measure: Approx 7.5mm diameter

Also available in Copper.

Handmade by Tania Mallow in her Beachlands studio in New Zealand.