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Eucalyptus Earrings, Silver

Graceful Eucalyptus earrings cleverly cast in sterling silver with a brushed effect, finished with sterling silver hooks.

The Eucalyptus leaf is a native tree to Australia, our beautiful neighboring country. Its large commanding presence and richly perfumed leaves make it hard to walk past without admiring. Tania has discovered this on her daily morning walks as she is lucky to have a Eucalyptus tree on her street in Beachlands.

Tania couldn't resist creating a jewellery piece in honor of this magnificent tree and has designed a very elegant set of earrings and a necklace in the form of the eucalyptus leaf. This long, slender and smooth leaf translates stunningly into jewellery. Slightly symmetrical yet imperfect in its organic nature. 

“The slight curve and brushed finish give these Eucalyptus earrings a soft graceful presence”. 

The thicker nature of the silver gives them a substantial feel. Like many of Tania Mallow's other pieces this necklace is created with comfort and quality at the forefront. The brushed effect on the surface gives the earrings a lovely matt appearance.

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver. The alloy composition results in a metal that is very durable and long lasting. Sterling silver is easily polished using a polishing cloth. Tania Mallow jewellery is certified sterling silver.


Material: Sterling silver   

Measurements: 52mm long x 6mm x 1mm, 6g


Handmade by Tania Mallow from her Beachlands studio in New Zealand.