EAR - Huia Feather

A striking black bird with a white band across its tail feather tips, the prized Huia bird was hunted to extinction. Huia were regarded as Tapu (sacred) by Maori, and the wearing of the beautiful feathers was reserved for people of high status. 

Sterling silver feathers (3cm long), handpainted in black porcelain paint, tinged with gold, and tipped in white. Heart shaped koru detail on the tip of the feather. Hanging from sterling silver earhooks.

Each feather is individually handpainted, so no two necklaces will be identical.


Nicki Cliff is the creative force behind Lily Griffin Jewellery. “I’ve been very lucky to have a wonderful upbringing in New Zealand, and I’ve loved taking a fresh look at our country’s natural diversity to find inspiration for my New Zealand Natives Range.” Lily Griffin jewellery is designed and handcrafted by Nicki in her tiny studio at home in Auckland, around working part time and looking after her energetic and expressive two year old girl, Lily. Incredibly Nicki is a self taught jeweller. She models designs in fine silver and then casts them in sterling silver, adding touches of colour to some pieces with porcelain paint. We love her pieces for their delicate beauty and the fact that every piece is painstakingly hand made, her attention to detail is evident in each petal and every tiny brush stroke..