Media: Fine Art Print on archival 100% cotton paper 

Framed Size (white): A3 (435 x 530 mm) Fine art print signed by Angie Dennis

"This years pieces have been inspired by women and bringing their stories forward, whether its the role of my mother, equality between men and women or simply bringing the story of women in history into conversation. As always my pieces are meant to inspire conversation and are not meant to be political statements. I've also created two pieces based on my love for the environment." 

Dawn Chorus
"There is nothing quite like the sound of birds in particular the Tui the morning. A reminder to us all of how unique and precious the environment is. The four circles represent the fine balance of nature."

For a truly stunning piece of art we highly recommend an Angie Dennis print. Angie is one of our most embraced artists here at Creative and Brave. Hold your cursor over the image to see the level of detail for yourself. All of Angie’s prints come hand signed and include a separate info page featuring the artist’s bio and/or background about the inspiration behind the print itself.

Established Auckland artist Angie Dennis has been painting professionally since 2002. Angie studied environmental science which perhaps explains her love for preserving flora and fauna in her artworks.

Angie is continually inspired by the unique landscape of New Zealand and is constantly pushing boundaries on how she sees life in her new found home.


In some cases we may have this product shipped directly to you by the artist. Please understand that this will incur a slight delay, please add 3-4 days on top of our normal shipping estimates. Our intention is for you to receive your artwork at its most immaculate :0) Please don't hesitate to call us on 095291021 or emailnewmarket@creativeandbrave.co.nz if you want more information or to discuss urgent delivery options.