CYLINDER VASE- Fantail, Blue Sand, Small

The most special aspect of this piece has to be that tiny flecks of black sand from New Zealand's rugged west coast, Muriwai, is suspended in the glaze. You will literally own a piece of New Zealand…be it tiny J


Our native Piwakawaka (Fantail) bird is featured on a fuchsia branch and celebrated in the fresh tones of this light blue glaze.


Chrissie and Charlie Seakins are artist potters based in Northcote Point, Auckland. Together they have been creating unique ceramics inspired by New Zealand for over 30 years. Completely at home with this material they have managed to celebrate Aotearoa succinctly in the three ranges we stock here. The Tui in celadon sand, Fantail in blue sand and the iconic Pohutukawa in a moody black sand.



All the pieces in this range are finished in a smooth satin glaze; all pieces are food safe and robust enough for every day use. Enjoy!