lincoln Cushion, Karl Maughan

Full colour, double sided cushion cover, featuring artwork by NZ Artist Karl Maughan.

  • 45x45cm
  • Hidden zip 
  • Designed in New Zealand
  • Does not include inner

Karl Maughan

Landscapes depicted by Karl Maughan do not exist in reality but come from the imagination of the artist. Using a palette of jewel-like hues, he paints flowers and foliage as they would be in an eternal garden – in bright, full bloom, untouched by time or decay. Pathways appear to draw the viewer to unseen glades ‘just around the corner.’ These cultivated facades are enticing, but hint at an uneasy beauty concealed beneath the surfaces of his tightly controlled vistas. We are so happy to be able to bring you a collection of gorgeous reproduction prints by Karl Maughan.