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Cube - NZ

This stylish little NZ cube is made from a North Island clay, each cube is handmade and embossed with a custom made stamp. They are finished with a black-brown wash and glazed to give a very current look, a wonderful little addition to any home.

These cute little blocks measure approximately 60mm x 60mm

Each one is completely unique as the each process is entirely human ! The compact size of these little cuties make them perfect, postable gifts for your friends and family They look great on their own or can be beautifully displayed in sets. 

The Monster Company - Karla Stevenson   

Started between friends, the Monster Company is now solely crafted by Karla Stevenson, all of her work is totally handmade and comes from the cosy studio in the West Coast town of Raglan. A true creative, Karla is committed to coming up with new exciting pieces, and continuing to work on improving the faithful classics that a lot of our customers will recognise from the Monster Co. catalogue! Their mission is to capture a time, place or even feeling - creating handmade ceramic treasures to pass on positive affirmations or just simply something that makes you feel wonderful every time you see them.