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Crescent Necklace, Silver

A shimmering crescent Moon necklace, skillfully imprinted in sterling silver with a lace imprint, finished with a sterling silver chain and clasp.

The transitory moment when the Moon is obscured by the Earth's shadow is captured forever in sterling silver. This elegant necklace is comfortably curved and hangs beautifully. The creatively imprinted surface shimmers in the sun creating a luminous effect just like to Moon itself.

The lace imprint is cleverly created using a technical process involving the precise heating of the metal followed by a stage of careful pressure resulting in the actual piece of fabric being imprinted into the solid metal. Therefore no two pieces are ever the same.

Measurements: Crescent 4cm across

Chain: 50cm sterling silver

This piece lies flat against the chest for comfort and sits a little lower than her other necklaces which makes it perfect as a layered set, open shirt or lower neckline. Like many of Tania Mallow's other pieces this necklace is created with comfort and quality at the forefront.