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COASTER - Crayfish, Graham Young

A collection of classic Kiwi beach and bach themed placemats and coasters designed by Graham Young.

Cork backed.

Size: 100mm diameter.

Designed in New Zealand.

Graham Young

Having lived in Aotearoa since 1982, Graham’s love for the kiwi lifestyle is apparent - creating realistic paintings that evoke familiar, yet overlooked scenes found throughout NZ. Born in England, Graham originally started in the printing industry, running his own studio - but in the early 2000’s decided to return to his first love of oil painting - using vibrant colours and fine detail, his work represents the laid back Kiwi lifestyle, from the beach to the farm. He also highlights symbols of the past with old cars and caravans, triggering nostalgic memories which are swept away by modern progress. The human impact on our landscape is a vital part of Graham’s work.