CAST GLASS - Single Rose 2

This intricate glass rose is approximately 2cm wide, and constructed entirely from glass off-cuts from Toni’s glass studio, meaning her products are entirely waste-free!  As it is uniquely hand-made and one of a kind, the product may slightly vary from the measurement. We absolutely love the colour variations of these pieces, and just how unique each rose truly is!

Tittleton Glass Studio (Toni Tittleton)

Since finishing her 3 year glass Diploma at Whanganui glass school in 2012, Toni continued to upskill, working alongside some very successful women glass casters, including Ann Robinson. She is now running her own glass studio in rural Auckland - Tittleton Glass Studio, as well as managing two of our Creative & Brave stores! Her career has not only been about making glass, but she found a passion for representing all kinds of NZ artists. Toni’s work is made to a large scale for exhibitions using high quality casting glass. She is inspired by the flow of molten glass captured within geometric form. However, these small sculptures are made out of the glass off-cuts, from those large exhibition pieces. This means there is no glass waste within the studio! These are inspired by dried flowers and Toni’s own jewellery collection which needed its own special place to be displayed - They are all one-off, unique in colour and design.