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"Noisy Party Balancing Act" Large Box Frame - Marie Reid-Beadle

Image Vault have been working in the art industry for over 70 years, using their knowledge of fine art to produce high quality art prints. Based in Christchurch - their products are manufactured on site by an experienced team, and as a proud Kiwi business they publish a variety of local artists. Each piece is printed from high quality digital files taken from the original work, and using a wide variety of media, they tailor their process to each style of artwork - creating a high quality piece that is UV safe and has a long lasting laminate finish. 


Laminate finish paper print mounted on a wooden box frame. 
Measurements: 80 x 27 cm

Marie Reid-Beadle 

Marie is a self-taught artist, beginning her career in 2004 - initially specialising in painting succulents, capturing the bold colours and shadowing - still found in all of her works today. Marie has now added native birds into her images - bringing together her Scottish Heritage and  combining it with a native New Zealand twist, particularly honouring her beautiful home tucked along the coast of the South Island. “My creative soul is driven by the world around me. I am so grateful and blessed to now live in the beautiful Catlins. I often drive around looking for a photo opportunity. Seeing maybe a heron, kingfishers, cows and wildlife that give me ideas for my next painting”.  Admiring the imagination of artists like Dali and Jimmy Lawlor - these inspirations can be seen clearly in Marie’s Balancing Act series. “I love being able to create a piece of work that makes people smile”. Marie’s main ambition is to continue working as a full time artist, and encouraging more people to embrace art and have a go!