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"Entrance Bach 33" Small Box Frame - Alison Gilmour

Image Vault have been working in the art industry for over 70 years, using their knowledge of fine art to produce high quality art prints. Based in Christchurch - their products are manufactured on site by an experienced team, and as a proud Kiwi business they publish a variety of local artists. Each piece is printed from high quality digital files taken from the original work, and using a wide variety of media, they tailor their process to each style of artwork - creating a high quality piece that is UV safe and has a long lasting laminate finish. 

Laminate finish paper print mounted on a wooden box frame. 
Measurements: 30 x 30 cm


Alison Gilmour   

Having lived a life near the sea, and growing up in the coastal suburbs of Devonport - the influence of sweeping coast lines, native flora is central in a lot of Alison’s works. She captures the endless beauty of Aotearoa’s landscapes with delicate brushwork - creating images that have a beautiful photo realistic quality. 

Beginning her career as a graphic designer, Alison’s first passion has always been painting and drawing - “Graphic design is quite stressful, there’s a lot of deadlines so I didn’t really have a lot of time to paint. I think I just reached a time in my life where I felt called to do it”. Alison’s perspective captures paradise but with the absence of civilisation - focusing on the light, surroundings and contrast. 

Now based out of her home studio set against native bush in Auckland, Alison spends days creating paintings that are striking and memorable, and working with oils gives them a beautiful sense of depth - celebrating the gorgeous land and seascapes of Aotearoa - “I loved watching waves. They’re so sculptural, the way light dances behind them before they break, I could look at them for hours”.