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"Beauty On The Inside" A4 Matted Print - Angie Dennis

Beauty On The Inside (2021) - Two ornate glass doors are pushed open by a wave of tumbling spheres resembling giant luscious Maughan-esque Hydrangeas, a Piwakawaka watches by in curiosity. What stories can you see? "With our lives being saturated with social media, it is so easy to get caught up on our appearance and how we are seen by others.  Sometimes it is the smallest or unexpected experiences that can brighten your day - I was reminded of this recently as I walked passed an elderly lady, who when smiled had such a lovely sparkle in her eyes!  It reminded me that as I get older, I need to focus on that sparkle as much as the anti-aging cream!  Inspired by this fleeting interaction, I created Beauty on the Inside, where the doors symbolize the eyes and the hydrangeas are the beauty of the soul flowing out, the Fantail is my story-teller." - Angie Dennis, 2021.

Media: Fine Art Print Signed by Angie Dennis, 100% archival cotton paper, UV Light Fast Inks

Print Size: A4 (210 x 297mm) 

Angie Dennis, Auckland

We have watched Angie grow in confidence and skill over the passed decade, she is a treasured part of the Creative & Brave family of artists. Angie is an artist who explores her thoughts directly onto canvas, discussions at home or with friends are transformed into symbols and characters which then play out narratives in her compositions.  We like to think of Angie’s works as visual productions, each component be it a rose or a highly detailed vessel is part of a greater story for us to explore. Even the labored hand painted brocade sets the tone of the picture which is that every inch is considered and deliberate.