A Beautiful Journey Canvas Art Print 60x60

'A Beautiful Journey' celebreates the rugged beauty of Aotearoa's coastlines featuring an inquisitive tui perched in amongst our native flora and fauna. 

Art print on canvas: The circular image is printed onto a white square canvas which is ready to hang. Available in 60x60cm or 80x80cm

Lucy creates her photographic artworks by merging together many photos to create seamless compositions and this tropical series featuring NZ birds is a real celebration of nature that uplifts and inspires.  And make sure you find the 'hidden' details such as insects, butterflies and caterpillars.

These mixed media ‘digital fusion’ works layer texture, drawing and painting. Lucy uses today’s technology to produce works that are enchanting, innovative and exciting. While her content is largely derived from photography, her process makes them look more like mixed media or paintings.