Vases are a fantastic way to invest in a little 'art for every day'. Choose a vase that will compliment your interior and suit your needs. If you want to display a large bouquet then try Bob Steiner's Cuba vases or the Seakins' large cylinder vases, for medium posies we would recommend Jenny Watt's selection and for wee sprigs go for Borrowed Earth's mountain vases. We have a wide selection of prices and they often reflect the method of construction. Peter Shearer and Borrowed Earth's pieces are completely potted from hand on a wheel while Jenny Watt and Bob Steiner apply a mix of hand built and slip cast pieces. Jenny Watt's works feature hand painted motifs and the Seakins' scatter Muriwai sand in their glazes, so many exciting variations. For more information don't hesitate to call us. We package all our ceramics with absolute attention and care to ensure they make the trip to you safely.