Manuela Ovalle, the creator behind the brand Saint Cecilia, handcrafts Pounamu earrings and brings together the rich tradition of New Zealand Pounamu and her family legacy of Jewellery making to produce contemporary jewellery under the name Saint Cecilia. Each piece is unique and individually crafted at the Oro Negro Jewellery Studio on Karangahape Road in Auckland. Growing up in a jewellery making household with her dad, Ernesto Ovalle (one of our well established pounamu carvers), Manuela began making jewellery at a young age around dining table as a fun family activity. Naturally, Manuela continued to develop a passion for crafting and later was inspired by her older brother’s jewellery brand Frankie Ruins to start one of her own. We are excited to share her contemporary take on pounamu earrings and we hope you like the collection as much as we do!

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