Peter Shearer

Peter Shearer ArtistPeter works from his Birkenhead studio with his wife Jeanette. He has been working with stoneware clay for over 30 years and  aims to achieve a balance between form and function in whatever he makes. His forms and glazes are strongly influenced by New Zealand’s unique environment. One of the characteristics of Peters work is the contrast achieved by using glazed surfaces adjacent to textured non-glazed surfaces. He applies crackled slips, combing and fluting to the leather hard clay and after each piece is bisque fired he rubs iron oxide into the surface to highlight the texture. Porcelain clay is used for the celadon pieces and all others are all made from stoneware clay. The pottery vases, bowls, beakers, and other forms that Peter makes are beautifully functional, and a pleasure to have for everyday use.

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