Matariki has always been a very special event for us here at Creative & Brave.

It is an important time for personal reflection, for taking that little bit of time that you need for yourself and for your family. A time to just be with those you love and remember those who have passed.

It is also a time to prepare for the onset of winter and ensure you and those in your community are all stocked up for the colder months. Traditionally this is a time of harvest, of gifting food, and planning or preparing the ground for the new year's crops.

The night sets in pretty quickly now so there will be many opportunities to head out into the darkness and stare up at the Matariki cluster as she fires up the night sky. The seven sisters of Matariki, the seven stars are a constant recurring event on our yearly cycle. They were there for the first star gazers to notice and they are here for us still.

The new Māori calendar year begins on the first full moon after Matariki becomes visible on the eastern horizon, this cluster of stars has great significance for ocean voyagers as a navigation beacon. From early June, before sunrise, look to the north-east horizon. Look for a faint sparkle of tiny dots, about the same width as Tautoru is long… This is the Matariki star cluster.