This stunning original art work by Lucy G is now available as a Cuppacoffeecup! And we have it as an exclusive early release.

Why use a Cuppacoffeecup you ask?

  • Instead of disposing of a cup every time you have a takeaway coffee, re-use your Cuppacoffeecup. The idea was to create a reusable cup that is lightweight, has striking full colour imagery and looks and feels much like a disposable cup. We stock a number of designs featuring art work by our fave NZ artists. It is estimated that 100-200 million disposable cups are used each year in New Zealand. Many disposable cups cannot be recycled because they are lined with plastic. Even compostable disposable cups cannot be composted without the correct facilities. Once you are done with yours...pop it in your recycle bin, so easy.

Tell me about Lucy...

  • Lucy studied at Auckland University and holds an Architecture Degree with photography being self-taught. Lucy’s panoramic NZ landscape photography is now complimented by her incredible mixed media 'digital fusions'. This boundary pushing medium involves layers of texture, drawing and painting. A method that uses today's technology to produce works that are enchanting, innovative and exciting. Lucy's works derive their content largely from photography but are processed in a way that makes them look more like mixed media or paintings.

Check out Lucy's new Cuppacoffeecup and her original art series here: