Hibiscus Flowers

Bob Steiner Hibiscus Flowers

The newest creations by renowned potter Bob Steiner have us absolutely captivated. Created in a moment of inspiration after he was taken back by the beauty of the Hibiscus bush which recently bloomed outside his home. These wall flowers are absolutely stunning. With their sculptural and colourful qualities they fully capture the magnificence of a newly bloomed Hibiscus flower. Like all of Bob's works these are completed to perfection. Carefully glazed three dimensional petals surround a superbly detailed stamen jutting proudly from the center. A hollow inner makes them easy to install on interior walls with a single nail. As they are fired ceramics they are strong enough to whether our-door installation and wet environments like kitchens and bathrooms. 

“Hibiscus flowers express the glory and beauty of the Pacific”- Bob Stiener.