Finn Mountain

Finn Mountain ArtistWe are thrilled to present our youngest artist on the team! Finn Mountain is a creative young man who has just started out on his journey as a businessman and ceramicist. He has a natural talent for the craft from envisioning designs and glazes through to completion. All Finn's pieces are handmade entirely by him in his Mother's studio. All Finn's ceramics are kiln fired and food safe. "Hi my name is Finn Mountain, I am 10 years old, my hobbies are motorcross, art, hunting, boating and all sorts of P.E. At Mum's we have two cats and one brother who has just turned 17. I also have one sister who is 18 but shes at Otago University. At Dad's we have one dog and one sister who is 2 years old, she is very cute. I started making leaves because I need a new computer but I really want a new bike. Mum said it would be best to get a new computer first for school. So after I get a new computer I will save up for a new bike. Thanks for listening. Bye Finn."