Mini Blockmount - "A Welcoming Gift" - Daniella Hulme

From Daniella's award winning Figurative collection - 'The Welcoming Gift' features her trade mark vibrant colours and unique composition. 

Laminate finish paper print mounted on a wooden box frame (white frame). 
Measurements: 15.5 x 15.5 cm 

Domestic scenery dominates Daniella's paintings; women and children in a variety of homely activities - relaxed and gentle intimacy - that celebrate the kinship and cultural relationship.

Brilliant tropical flowers and fabrics in their simple settings pay homage to a Pacific tradition but are transformed to an exaggerated almost kitsch style. With lipstick-red mouths and  appear as doll-like figures, contained and carefully poised in their worlds, Daniëlla prompts the viewer to consider surface in terms of paint and cultural perception; the island escape, the island beauty. 


Daniëlla Hulme is a self-taught, full-time artist - she has been exhibiting since 1998 throughout Aotearoa, the Pacific, and beyond. Instantly striking and vibrant - she is known for her large, defined and stylized oil paintings of Pacific Island women, which are inspired by a combination of her own Dutch heritage and her husband’s Samoan culture and the Samoan heritage of her children. 

Her work has been recognised and celebrated by corporate and diplomatic groups, as well as being published extensively in Aotearoa, and winning awards internationally. Over the years the work she has created both celebrate and explore themes of Pacific culture, biculturalism and the idyllic settings of the Pacific - making her work so visually identifiable, along with a strong narrative.