Our top pick for this would have to be our new Flox stencil Kit. The ever popular Hayley king has added to her Flox range with an incredibly creative set. This is a premium art kit that will give you the resources and instructions to create your very own stenciled masterpiece. Get stenciling and show us your results x

We also have DIY beeswax kits by Honeywrap which will not only provide hours of fun but you will end up with some practical products for your home. 

A beautiful idea is to spend some time writing beautiful cards to your loved ones. How special would it be to receive a lovely had written card in the post instead of just bills.

One thing lockdown is amazing for is reorganising your spaces! We really see how lifeless or unorganised our living spaces are when we are stuck in them tihihi. Why not use the time creatively to hang some beautiful art work, organise your jewellery or invest in some lovely new ceramic dining ware to infuse your everyday with a little joie de vivre!