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Small Celestial Hanging 7

Shapes, signs and symbols are all around us, we just need to slow down and take the time to notice them. Borrowed Earth have put together some meanings of the shapes they have used in this collection so you can explore them on a deeper level if you choose.



Approximately 37cm long



The circle represents the completion of cycles, transition, potential, a movement that never ends towards self realization.  A circle protects against chaos, symbolizing the divine life force or spirit.


The moon holds a powerful influence over us.  She offers profound energies that can bring beauty and mystery into our lives.

The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity.  The moon is a feminine symbol representing the rhythm of time.  She is about receiving, intuition, going with the flow and emotions.

Stars of Matariki

Matariki - the mother of this group

Pōhutukawa - connects Matariki to the deceased

Tupuānuku - connected to food grown in the ground

Tupuārangi - connected with food that comes from the sky

Waitī  - connected to fresh water

Waitā - connected to the ocean

Waipunarangi - connected to rain

Ururangi - means the winds of the sky

Hiwa-i-te-rangi - promise of a prosperous season


Mānawa maiea te putanga o matariki

Mānawa maiea te ariki o te rangi

Mānawa maiea te mātahi o te tau

Hail the rise of Matariki

Hail the lord of the sky

Hail the new year


“Twinkling in the winter sky just before dawn, Matariki signals the Māori New Year. We gather to remember the year that has passed, reflect on our loved ones who are no longer with us and celebrate the present, while looking towards the future with the hope of a season full of bounty. For our Matariki 2022 collection, Night Sky, we have taken our inspiration from the extensive and detailed knowledge Maori had of astronomy and the environment.  Where day to day activities were dictated by the lunar calendar and the various lunar nights affected the world and all its inhabitants. We now invite you to look up at the night sky, to take a breath and reconnect, to rediscover and embrace your unique place in this cosmic dance of life. We hope you enjoy!”


Borrowed Earth

Richie and Adele believe that we can all make positive changes to the world by the choices we make every day. Borrowed Earth are committed to creating handmade ceramics with character that, over time, will become treasured family pieces. The creative duo work full time from their beautiful waterside studio in Whangaparaoa. “We take pride in creating new ways to share our unique view of the world, honouring our Māori, Pacific and English heritage.”