Yes you read it correct folks, we will be partaking in Black Friday 2019!!! We will be offering a generous 20% off all Framed and Unframed art printsso NOW is perfect opportunity to pick up a few Christmas presents at a bargain or even treat yourself to a special piece of art!!!

To celebrate black Friday, you can purchase all framed and unframed prints through our website for 20% off when you use promo code BLACKFRIDAY2019at checkout. This discount code is NOW ACTIVE through our website and will be valid until Friday the 29th at 11:59pm.

All 6 of our Creative & Brave stores will be taking part in the Black Friday madness beginning tomorrow so be sure to pop into your local branch during trading hours to score 20% off framed and unframed prints. Please be aware this discount is ONLY valid in stores on Friday the 29th of November, holds will beunavailable across all stores and stock may vary from store to store.