MATTED PRINT - Wave Watch'n, Rachael Foster

From the collection of prints by New Zealand artist, Rachael Foster.

Outer matt size: 280 x 355mm

Unframed comes in clear sleeve.

Made in New Zealand. 


" If you also have a thing for Holden's, relive the 70s with this printed artwork - This is a print of a painting I was commissioned by a holden enthusiast, to put it mildly,  who owned this stunning, blue brougham.  It was back in the day of fax machines.  He faxed through some photos of his car collection and asked me to chose a photo and paint it with a kiwi surf beach, and that was about the extent of his instructions.  So I drew an oval and scribbled inside it – rear of car. Then a line across the page labeled – horizon, with more lines below it – surf.   A squiggle growing from the side of the page – tree, some over-all dimensions and faxed it back. He replied with a “go ahead” without checking that the dimensions of the painting would fit on his largest wall. "

Rachael Foster 


Painter Rachael Foster likes wandering in search of coffee and is passionately committed to daydreaming. She is entirely too enthusiastic about Mid-Century fashion and cars, Art Nouveau architecture, Folk and Blues, attempting to cook, and pretending to be a food critic. When she is not doing those things, she blends paint around to create smooth Pop-style paintings.

Her formal art education began in Auckland's Rangitoto College, where she eventually began studying photography and painting. And, though a miserable and easily distracted student herself, she managed just 2 years of a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from, Elam, the University of Auckland in New Zealand, where she studied under Fiona Pardington and Judy Miller.  

She’s inspired by a variety of sources, but most particularly artists like Michael Smithers, Thomas Hart Benton, and Mel Ramos. And, she’s been fortunate enough to work with some outstanding artists like John Shrewry, Minhal Al Halabi, Jimi Stewart, and Martin Horspool.


She's had solo shows in New Zealand, Australia, England and America - Art Basel Miami Beach 2015.

Her work currently focuses on the economic crafting of mid-twentieth century travel marketing art. It strives to honour the astonishing and painstaking precision of this form. We shall see when the collection gets finished.

Rachael put's emphasis on high quality materials and workmanship, ensuring that prints are on Hahnemule and of limited edition.