As well as looking and smelling lovely, lavender has a long history of being used in medicine. More recently, the plant is increasingly used to manage symptoms of anxiety. Lavender is renowned for its ability to create a relaxing atmosphere. In fact, one of the main benefits of lavender is that it can calm without sedating. More than simply generating a serene state of mind, lavender can reduce anxiety by affecting the body’s fight-or-flight response.

Our new lavender pillows by Anoint skincare are 100% hand made here in New Zealand. Use a lavender pillow to fragrance an entire room, your car, cupboards and drawers with its long lasting natural scent. Re-use by dropping your own essential oils onto the pillow. Erica Wells is the incredibly talented crafter and mother of two who has grown Anoint from a small garage studio into one of our best recognized brands. Her skincare is truly eco friendly and uses only sustainable and ethical materials. Each piece is lovingly created by Erica.