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April 04, 2022 2 min read

Nestled in the serenity of the Waitakere bush in the confines of her self made studio, Toni- sole owner and artist behind Tittleton Glass Studio, can be found hard at work casting glass into a variety of different shapes and sizes, adorned with gorgeous rose and fine detailing. 

Since completing her 3 year glass diploma at Whanganui Glass School in 2012, Toni has continued to improve her talent, working alongside other successful female glass casters. As well as creating large scale pieces for exhibitions, Toni is also a prominent artist throughout our Creative & Brave stores.

Drawing inspiration from the flow of molten glass captured within geometric form, Toni creates one- off, unique and eye-catching beauties. Fortunately for us, Toni has a brand new collection on the horizon. Keep your eyes peeled for the stunning new range… C&B x


How would you describe your studio/workspace? 

I'm in love with my workspace! It's surrounded by the Waitakere bush, such a relaxing environment. It's a self-made studio, converted from an old 20 foot shipping container, so I'm able to open up all the big doors to let in the sun & air as I work. The studio is located on our family farm, so there is always someone working close by. We tend to listen to all sorts of music while working on our own projects.

What was your inspiration behind your new pieces?  

Created with inspiration from my surroundings; my home. Layered lines in my works, represent the hills circling my home and studio, in the Waitakere ranges. Roses have been planted here for generations, they are a symbol of my whanau. The unique blend of colour in each piece is created through using recycled cast glass.