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April 14, 2021 1 min read

Tania mallow is an incredibly talented jeweller who has beautifully crafted these mini Piwakawaka earrings and necklaces for us. They are petite enough to compliment all wearers and solidly crafted for every day wear. Their high polish finish mimics the fluttering Fantails we all love.

Phil Walters celebrates the song filled and enthusiastic pairing of our native Tui birds with his new release of Tui Twosome. This along with Kereru Pair and Mama Bubba Fantail will make for a fun Valentines gift. You will enjoy finding a back yard tree, fence post or power pole to adorn with your tribute to love.

Lastly we wanted to offer a gift that would inspire creativity. The ever popular Hayley king has added to her Flox range with an incredible Stencil Set. This is a premium art kit that will give the recipient the resources and instructions to create their very own stenciled masterpiece. We have also added her newest releases; Round Puzzles for some family fun and stunning jewellery trays. 

Tania Mallow Piwakawaka Native NZ Bird Jewellery
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