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March 10, 2022 2 min read

Toni Tittleton - Tittleton Glass Studio
Since finishing her 3 year glass Diploma at Whanganui glass school, Toni is now running her own glass studio in rural Auckland - Tittleton Glass Studio. Toni’s work is made using casting glass and is inspired by the flow of molten glass captured within geometric form.

What has surprised you the most so far on your creative journey?

I have been surprised (and overwhelmed!) by the support I've received from other people. A lot has come from my family & friends, to now receiving positive feedback from the general public?! It still blows my mind. I feel very lucky that other people want to be part of my creative journey.


Who inspired you to fulfil your creative journey- what was your initial inspiring moment?

My family inspired me, for sure! They encouraged me into a career that I enjoy. From a young age, I remember creating sculptures from clay I found in our backyard. It's quite cool to think that now I do this (sculpting) for a living! 


What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your journey thus far and how have you overcome them?

As an artist, you have to take risks to be different. Selecting what I wanted to study was my first big challenge. I wanted to learn how to make something unique and specialised. But nothing in Auckland was calling to me. So at 17, I moved out of home & moved cities, to study glass art. It was hard leaving home, but we all understood the importance of me going and what unique opportunities it would lead to. It was a big risk as I knew nothing about glass. Thankfully, I loved it! I graduated three years later, specialising in glass casting. The next challenge was setting up my studio...but that's another story!

What advice would you give to budding young creatives?

Keep developing your ideas and be open to new opportunities! Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.


In light of International Women’s Day, what female creative has inspired you to follow or carry out this passion, or maybe inspired some of the work you have created?

I've been lucky enough to work alongside some of New Zealand's top female glass casters including Ann Robinson & Carmen Simmonds! It was inspiring to have worked in their studios, learning different skills & techniques and I got to work on some incredible glass pieces. They have since helped me along my own creative journey, with help and advice when I was setting up my own studio. I love being part of such a supportive group of creative ladies! 


What an amazing bunch of women! We will forever be grateful for their decision to share their talent with us and you through Creative & Brave. We hope that through this you have learnt something new, and will hopefully find the time to go in store to appreciate the skill that these creatives pour into their work. 


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